STL is the organization that provides support services of all kinds to the Shipping industry. Port and Liner Agency solutions to all seaborne trades together with a comprehensive global freight forwarding service that provides solutions covering:

welcome to STL

A newly established STL having a group experience of 20 years, our experienced management is committed to quality, reliability and innovation. Particularly emphasis on import and export of cargo enables us to expand and confirm our position as the Leading and Independent Operator.

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Our Visions

All major cities and industrial Zones are connected through an efficient network Mode which connects the other cities and small towns with all over the world making them easily accessible as well ensuring a smooth How of raw materials required for various industries located in these cities. These passageways also assist the transport of finished products to these ports which serves as a gateway for these places. We believe in the future of shipping as the worldwide trade will gain an even bigger importance due to exceeding worldwide divisions of labour. Also in future shipping and logistics will be a people’s business. People are our focus. In shipping lines represented by us, our clients, our business partners and last but not least our employees. This is the reason why we invest above average in education and further trainings of our employees.

Important Features

STL has a network of multi-protocol and multi-standard communication platform in all its offices, as its Main offices being in India and Shipping partners with all over the world, the scope of the services develop in our centers has given these multi-nations opportunity to serve their clients in a better way and to progress in their goods flow optimization process. Ensuring the quality STL services, its permanent commitment. Our Salient Features are: Customs House Clearance De- Consolidation & Reloading Performance and Long-Haul Cartridge Pickup & Delivery Assembly Service for Multiple Bill Of Lading  Correct Processing of Export Declaration, Licenses & Shipping Documents


We offer wide range and Types of Cargo usually referred to as goods and products that are transported by air, water or land.


This is the cargo that most laymen are familiar with. Here, the cargo is stored and transported in shipping containers of different sizes. They can contain toys, clothes, TVs, fridges, refrigerated goods, and more.

Dry Bulk Cargo

Next, we have dry bulk cargo which is usually homogenous, in large quantities, and unpacked. Some examples include sand, iron core, grain, gravel, cobblestones, and more. It is usually transported by shore-cranes or vessels.

Liquid Bulk Cargo

As the name implies, these are cargo in the form of liquid gas or free-flowing liquid. They are carried in special tanks that are connected to articulated lines pipes. They include crude oil, chemicals, natural gas, vegetable oil, wine, and more.

Break Bulk

This is commonly called general cargo and is not put together in a container.It involves delivering items for construction or industrial work. The cargo includes generators, steel rods, wind turbine blades, pipes, and more.

Roll-On Roll-Off

Commonly called RO-RO, this is any cargo that has to be rolled on and rolled off the vessel. These include cars, trailers, buses, tractors, generators, containers, or constructed equipment. When loading them on, they can be self-driven, towed, wheeled, or placed in a roll-trailer.

Freight Management Services

We are offering a wide range of solutions connected to rail, FTL/LTL, FCL/LCL, charter department, air freight, customs clearance, licenses, packing solutions, permit applications and more.